Keep Calm and Carry On – Covid-19 and the UK Sling Libraries

28th September 2020

It’s been a crazy year for us all – could there be some normality on the horizon?

As March 2020 wore on, it became increasingly clear that not only was the pandemic going to affect each and every one of us, it was going to have a lasting effect on the UK sling library industry. As a support system often heavily based on trying things on, and using items for hire to introduce carriers to multiple families, the different sling library organisations around the country began to adapt. Quickly, with impressive adaptability, the sling libraries individually and collectively showed that they are an industry very used to problem-solving.

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28th September 2020

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Risk Assessment Template and policies

Risk assessment policies including Covid-19 assessments and safe working

Here you can find present industry specific guidance including a full downloadable risk assessment policy and further links to support the carrying industry on our return to work. This risk assessment checklist and further resources will be free to access and adapt for everyone in our carrying community.

Finding the Words

20th June 2020

June is the awareness month for the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society, also named Sands for short. 

Sands’ theme for this year is #FindingTheWords which leads me to writing this article. 

As carrying educators we come into contact with parents and carers during the most important times of their lives, they are expecting a baby and are very excited about what is to come, or they have just had a baby, an experience they will never forget. 

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A quick guide to good governance

With a big thank you to Jeni Atkinson for allowing us to share this excellent resource.

If you are thinking about starting up a library, but not quite sure what legal structure you might need, this document explains them all and helps you figure out what would suit your situation best.