Diversity Sponsorship

ACESL is committed to helping our industry reflect the wide variety of families who use our services. We acknowledge that the baby carrier industry draws on expertise from every corner of the world, and understand that this universal experience is one of our greatest strengths. Baby carrying can be an experience shared by people from all backgrounds, of all abilities and regardless of gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status. We respect all of the carrying traditions and designs from across the world, and want to make sure that these traditions are preserved and appreciated by new audiences.

We also recognise that there are currently groups of people who are under-represented in the support industry, and our diversity sponsorship opportunities are an important step in starting to address this imbalance.

We encourage carrier manufacturers and retailers to invest in our diversity sponsorship programme, to share our commitment to equality and welcoming support for all.

Our sponsorship programme will

  • create a safe space online to discuss issues surrounding diversity in the baby carrying industry
  • commission carrying images for use by our members which represent families of all types and from all backgrounds, to better reach minority communities
  • bring knowledgeable professionals together from across the globe to better understand the history and traditions surrounding baby carrying across the world
  • fund the diversity fellowship programme, including sponsoring training and mentorship for individuals from under-represented groups