Guidelines for size

ACESL recognises the depth of our industry and that there are many different types of individual and organisation offering sling library services. We have created three broad categories of membership but an element of member discretion will be required in order to select the correct level for your organisation. We acknowledge that size and scope are comparative, open to interpretation, and that members will on occasion need to move their membership levels. If your organisation has elements from more than one category, we suggest a higher tier is more suitable. If you aren’t sure which tier to select, you can contact us.

In this guidance, the term “stock levels” refers to the total number of carriers in a sling library collection that are currently available for hire. “Support hours” references the amount of hours the sling library is open and available in person to the public in a normally scheduled calendar month.

Tier 1 Examples

  • Example – a new sling library run by a carrying consultant, and a volunteer for busy days. The sling library runs twice a month in a church hall, offering a selection of 40 carriers for hire with five support hours per month, and an average hire rate of 25%, as approximately ten carriers are out with families at any one time.
  • Example – a well established sling library which is a part of a local parenting support service. Carriers have been collected or donated over many years and the carrying support workers are experienced and dedicated to helping families. This service runs across four local venues in a month, with more support has than average because of the scope of support, running on a 10.5% average hire rate from its 70 carrier collection.

Tier 2 Examples

  • Example – two consultants work together to provide sling library services. Both work part time offering sling and carrier support services under their sling library banner. Their stock levels are more extensive at around 130 carriers, and their sixteen support hours each month are spread across three venues, with an average hire rate of 55% for their popular service.
  • Example – one consultant works as a sole trader, with volunteers helping at their sling library. This consultant offers carrier hire from their large collection of 240 carriers, with an average hire rate of 30%. They use two venues, but visit both every week, offering twenty support hours every month, in addition to bookable appointments and and online support services.

Tier 3 Examples

  • Example – A local sling and carrier boutique, with premises which are open for sling library sessions, workshops, and carrier hire, as well as bookable appointments with expert help. This shop is new, but the consultants running it have been sling and carrier support professionals for seven and four years respectively. The carrier hire collection is nearly 450 carriers strong and has a 65% average hire rate. The shop employs a part time employee to help with admin and holiday cover.
  • Example – a large sling library operating online services, postal hire, and support hours across multiple venues. Run by a single figurehead, but with support from local volunteers or part time support staff, this library has a huge collection of 650 carriers and runs at a 50% average hire rate, with forty two support hours a month offered to the public.