Inclusivity and diversity

ACESL is committed to representing the interests of all baby carrying businesses and families. Our organisation aims to give an industry voice to small and large businesses alike, and to connect families of all types with carrying solutions.

Diversity to us means making sure that all family types are represented in our literature and imagery, and that assumptions are not made about groups or individuals, so that all may feel welcome. In helping further the public awareness of the sling and carrier support industry, one of our roles is facilitating accessibility to support services. We can do this by offering support to organisations regarding their online presence, preferred terms and keeping the industry current with best practice guidelines.

We recognise that the sling and carrier support industry works with and for families across the world with a massively diverse population, and that sling and carrier styles often have deep cultural and traditional roots. We commit to helping to spread awareness of the heritage of carrier types, styles and patterns, and to help with understanding of, and respect for, the communities in which traditional carriers originated.

Diversity in imagery is crucial to the successful appeal of sling and carrier support services to some of the most marginalised communities, representation allows families to feel welcome in accessing those services. We commit to celebrating the wide appeal of sling and carrier services, allowing everyone, regardless of race, sex, religion, disability, age, sexuality, body or family type to access good quality support.