Image Library

The ACESL image library is an online image resource which reflects our industry and the wonderful work done by carrying educators around the world, an image bank free to use and reproduce for all ACESL members. For our first generation image library, we welcome submissions from retailers, manufacturers and individuals. This collection that can aid carrying educators, provide professional source material, and ensure that images of child carrying distributed by are of a high quality with a professional eye on important safety considerations and positioning. Increasing ease of communication with clients, advertising opportunities and crossing language barriers. For our second generation image bank, we are working towards the creation of ACESL images, commissioning the creation of high quality shareable graphics on infant positioning and safety.

We welcome submissions from members with full permissions for the use of the photo, via our photo submission form here

We are looking for pictures to upload in our member accessible image library that show:

  • Diversity in child carrying and carrying education, specifically featuring carrying adults and carried children of all ages, shapes, sizes and skin colours, from a variety of backgrounds and representing different family types.
  • Adaptability and how carrying can work for parents/caregivers or children with disabilities including mobility difficulties, impairments of the senses, hidden conditions or temporary adaptations.
  • Positioning and physiology, optimum infant positioning and how it changes as children grow. Technical images showing the effect of child positioning on the carrying adult.
  • Task management and day to day carrying – finding beauty in the mundane. Moments of closeness in everyday life whilst carrying your child, the hands free reasons families choose to carry.
  • Carrying on location – carriers being used in extraordinary places or to achieve extraordinary things, from stunning backdrops to physical challenges.
  • Carrying in different climates – images showing the practicalities of using carriers in different weather conditions, showing solutions and safe carrying in the heat or cold.

Carrying Compendium

ACESL is gathering resources to become the primary resource for high quality baby carrying information and support for carrying educators.

The carrying compendium will compile up to date and high quality resources for carrying professionals, which can be shared with customers and clients to provide learning resources and support.

ACESL has an aim to increase accessibility and equality of access to baby carrying resources, and will be expanding the compendium to include resources in different languages, formats including audio description, image only, neutral language and featuring varied family types.


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