Report unsafe image

Have you seen a professionally created image of baby carrying that concerns you in terms of safety and positioning?

ACESL is committed to improving standards in the baby carrying support industry and part of that is making sure that professionally created images in the public domain show safe and secure carrying positions. Not all professionally created media have in depth or up to date knowledge of safety guidelines surrounding baby carrying, and we are here to promote our educators and raise awareness. 

Concerning images can be sent into us confidentially in the knowledge that we will contact the content creator with support and safety information, to help them improve their image and produce high quality imagery in the future, with the assistance of the baby carrying support industry where necessary. We can make suggestions for safe alternative images and work together towards safe carrying for all. 

Everyone is welcome to report an image for our attention.

This is limited to professionally created images only – some examples of professional contexts are below. It is important that you do not send personal images or content from social media. 

  • Published books or magazines including images e.g. baby care manuals, early years books, baby and toddler magazines. 
  • Promotional material from businesses or charities, such as flyers, posters, websites, in which the carrier is incidental e.g. showing a family enjoying a holiday but featuring a baby carrier. 
  • Promotional material from businesses such as flyers, posters, websites, in which the carrier is central – eg a professional blogger or influencer, a carrier brand, a carrier related industry such as babywearing clothing or exercise class. 

Report the image via our online form here.

Thank you for using the ACESL Report Image service.