We all sling together

Our aim as an industry association is to bring together families and carrier support professionals - increasing the profile of the support industry and working to increase public confidence in carriers and safe carrying.
We aim to provide a platform for the carrier industry to work together with sling libraries, working towards a standard and code of conduct that can allow manufacturers confidence in the presentation of their products. Safety in the carrier industry is of central importance, and together we can work towards united, clear safety guidelines and standards, with regular updates and developments.
The ACESL is formed to help with the very current issues of insurance and with understanding of the role of sling and carrier support, making sure that our members are able to access insurance that adequately covers their role.

Membership options

Membership includes

CPD and Training

Essential training and awareness courses are offered online through EduCare. EduCare is designed for those working within education and the support of vulnerable or ‘at-risk’ individuals and thus fits well with the carrying industry and range of clients carrying educators support. Each ACESL individual member or named team member can access this 15 module training programme, with individual log in and certificates. The ACESL EduCare package has been designed with the sling and carrier support industry in mind, and covers a large range of topics fundamental to safe and successful baby carrying businesses. Courses include:

  • Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Moving and Handling
  • First Aid Essentials
  • Safeguarding
  • Practical guide to GDPR
  • Fire Safety
  • Safe Recruitment


ACESL has reached out to all known industry insurance companies, and we are pleased to share that we are working together with BGi.uk insurance providers to offer extremely competitive, discounted insurance deals to all members. It is hugely important that insurance providers and underwriters have a genuine understanding of the nature of sling and carrier support, and the risks undertaken. In working with BGi.uk, the exact nature of our work has been explored and understood. In joining ACESL, members show a commitment to safe and responsible working practices, and this is reflected in the insurance deals available. Coverage includes, or has options to include employers liability cover, cover for named consultants, sling libraries and volunteers.


Up to date industry information will be offered through our newsletters and members forums. These channels will provide ACESL members with easy routes for quick and effective information sharing. This is useful for sling and carrier news, new carrier launches, special offers from retailers and manufacturers, design changes and professional feedback. But it is crucial for reasons of safety – should it become necessary, ACESL will be a hub for fast and secure recall alerts, and a professional, collective voice for the carrier industry when slings and carriers are featured in news stories, positive or negative.

Raising Standards

In joining ACESL, members are making a public and professional commitment to high standards and continuing professional development. ACESL will support members to adhere to the ACESL code of conduct, and help businesses and individuals to grow. In displaying the logo of your industry association, you increase customer confidence in your services, and in raising professional standards we increase the confidence of related industries in our service. Moving forward, ACESL is working towards support for DBS enhanced checks for all professional members.

Manufacturers and Retailers

We encourage manufacturers and retailers to become members of ACESL, with a carrier manufacturing and specialist retailer forum. We know that many sling libraries will also have a retailing interest, and that libraries and individuals often have close relationships with manufacturers. In joining ACESL, or becoming one of our sponsors, you can be sure that your brands are represented by fellow members, who are committed to high standards, insured and trained. Any special offers or prices can be sent out straight to the ACESL membership, and current membership can be a reassurance of professionalism and standards.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer, please check our Corporate Membership page for a bespoke membership package.


In our resources section, ACESL members can find downloadable professional resources which will help with all aspects of running a baby carrying business.


Our forums are open to all ACESL members. This is a great place to share information, from the latest carrier news to important safety updates. To get started, you can participate in an existing discussion, or create your own. If you are new to our forums, you can start a post to introduce yourself and your baby carrying business.

Diversity sponsorship

ACESL is committed to helping our industry reflect the wide variety of families who use our services. We acknowledge that the baby carrier industry draws on expertise from every corner of the world, and understand that this universal experience is one of our greatest strengths. Baby carrying can be an experience shared by people from all backgrounds, of all abilities and regardless of gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status. We respect all of the carrying traditions and designs from across the world, and want to make sure that these traditions are preserved and appreciated by new audiences.